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Finding Beauty and Bliss: A Cleaning Blog

New Immigrant To Australia? Hand Washing Laundry Will Get Annoying Quick!

28 April 2016
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There are 101 things to think about when you move your family to a new country, and it is likely your family's laundry needs are not even close to the top of this list. Most immigrants do not move into a purchased home or rental straight after landing, so a short-term hotel or serviced apartment stay is in your future. So, what are your options for keeping the laundry up-to-date when you don't yet have a home of your own to put a washing machine into?
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Follow These Four Tips to Keep Your Wool Rug Clean Without Causing Damage

26 April 2016
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Wool rugs are prized for their longevity, softness, and ability to bounce back after pressure is exerted on their fibres. However, compared to a synthetic alternative, there are a few extra things that owners need to take into account during cleaning. Make sure you follow these four steps to see that yours is kept clean without any damage being caused in the process. 1. Vacuum the Right Way You should definitely vacuum your rug—it ensures that your whole living space is kept clean.
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Finding Beauty and Bliss: A Cleaning Blog

Cleaning is more than a task. It is the art of keeping your space beautiful. When areas are clean, it can help to create bliss in your life. Hello. My name is Christopher, and this is my blog about cleaning and cleaning services. As a business owner and a busy parent, I have hired cleaners for both my home and my business. Their work is invaluable, and in this blog, I plan to share tips on hiring and finding great cleaning companies. However, I also plan to write about cleaning tips for when you are cleaning your own home or office. Thank you for reading.