New Immigrant To Australia? Hand Washing Laundry Will Get Annoying Quick!

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New Immigrant To Australia? Hand Washing Laundry Will Get Annoying Quick!

New Immigrant To Australia? Hand Washing Laundry Will Get Annoying Quick!

28 April 2016
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There are 101 things to think about when you move your family to a new country, and it is likely your family's laundry needs are not even close to the top of this list. Most immigrants do not move into a purchased home or rental straight after landing, so a short-term hotel or serviced apartment stay is in your future. So, what are your options for keeping the laundry up-to-date when you don't yet have a home of your own to put a washing machine into?


One of the things you do not have a lot of after you move to a new country is time. You need to find a permanent place to live which involves traipsing around to inspections, you need to get your kids enrolled and settled into a new school and even learning the layout of a new supermarket is going to take precious time out of your day.

Laundromats are certainly a convenient way to get your clothes clean when you don't yet own a washing machine, and there is no disputing that. However, laundromats are not the most time-friendly way to get your family's clothing clean. Not only do you have to transport yourself to and from the laundromat, but you also have to hang around while you wait for your clothes to run through the washer and dryer cycles. While it may be tempting to duck away during this process to attend to other items on your to-do list, laundromat theft does happen.

Luckily, there is another laundry option that fits well for the time-strapped new Australian immigrant.

Mobile Laundry Service

A mobile laundry service is one that will collect your dirty clothes and return them to you freshly laundered and folded. There are a number of benefits for using this type of service:

  • Collection and return times are convenient to you, so you can get on with your chore list while the clothes are getting clean.
  • Stain management can be tended to by the service, so you don't have to stress about spending time spraying stains or hand washing stained clothes multiple times to get the stain out.
  • Clothes are returned to you folded so this is one less chore on your list.

Remember, however, that if you have a family member who has sensitive skin, you must let the laundry service know so they can use hypo-allergenic laundry soap on the clothes. Alternatively, provide a bottle of your preferred laundry detergent to the service when they stop by to pick your clothes up.

Having a wash and fold service take care of your family's clothing frees you up to take care of all the other things on the getting settled checklist. Even after you have finally settled into a home of your own, you may find this time-saving service to be one you don't want to give up.

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