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2 tips for pet owners who want a clean-smelling home

11 October 2018
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Most domestic animals that are kept as pets (like dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and guinea pigs) tend to be quite malodorous. If you are frustrated by the fact that despite cleaning your home regularly, your property still smells unpleasant because of your pet, here are some tips that could help you with this problem. 1. Having your curtains professionally laundered on a regular basis One of the reasons why pet owners' homes can sometimes smell bad is that they don't bother having their curtains washed.
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How to Master the Art of Cleaning Your Tile Floors

15 June 2018
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Do you find it increasingly difficult to keep up with household chores? Many people live challenging lives and some even have two jobs to hold down while they make ends meet and cope with family budgets. If you've been finding it particularly hard to deal with cleaning and especially in high traffic areas such as the kitchen, how can you develop a better way to deal with it? Developing a System
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Why engage professionals to do your cleaning?

26 February 2018
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Cleaning is such a simple thing, yet what a difference it makes! Whether you're moving out and want to make sure your bond is returned, or you'd like to engage someone you can trust to do your regular home or office cleaning, your cleaner will not only vacuum, mop, clean your bathroom and wipe the dust from your sills but, in taking charge of these tasks, they'll sweep the stress from your mind, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.
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