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Why engage professionals to do your cleaning?

26 February 2018
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Cleaning is such a simple thing, yet what a difference it makes! Whether you're moving out and want to make sure your bond is returned, or you'd like to engage someone you can trust to do your regular home or office cleaning, your cleaner will not only vacuum, mop, clean your bathroom and wipe the dust from your sills but, in taking charge of these tasks, they'll sweep the stress from your mind, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.
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Moving Out? Not So Fast! Conquer Those Tough Stains On Your Window Panes

25 August 2016
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The windows are the eyes to the soul of your home, and a bright sparkling clean window pane is worth a second glance. It is the windows that attract your visitors and set a good mood. An end of lease cleaning is a show of good will, and will leave a good reputation with your landlord. So don't pack up yet; buckle up, grab your cleaning kit and get your hands dirty.
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Home Cleaners | 3 Streamlined Strategies To Plan For Expert House Cleaning

18 July 2016
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When you decide to hire professional home cleaners for a deep cleaning session in your home, certain preparation tasks are vital to get the job done quicker and more effectively. This is especially important when you pay home cleaners by the hour and don't want to waste precious time in preparation after they have already arrived. Follow these key streamlined strategies to plan for professional house cleaning. Inform The Cleaners Of Any Special Cleaning Tasks In Advance
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How to Make Your Restaurant Smell as Fresh as Your Food

20 June 2016
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There's nothing better than the delicious smell of food wafting from your restaurant's kitchen, right? Unfortunately, if you don't keep on top of your restaurant odours, your customers might be smelling old grease and rancid waste instead. Here are 3 tips for removing bad scents from your restaurant so customers can enjoy your mouthwatering kitchen aromas. Replace Your Cleaning Tools How long have you had those mops your cleaners use to decontaminate the kitchens, bathrooms, and seating areas?
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Carpet Cleaning | 4 Steps To Remove Oil-Based Paint Stains From Carpets

8 June 2016
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If you've just completed a painting job, then your home probably looks spectacular. But there's also the chance that you have accidentally spilled oil-based paints on your beautiful carpets. Paint carpet stains can bring down the look of your entire room, so you'll obviously want to get it removed as soon as possible. Keep in mind that wet stains are easier to remove than dry paints. Once you complete these steps, you may need to undertake carpet steam cleaning to restore the original appearance of your carpet once again.
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