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Why Asbestos Is Still A Problem In Australia And What You Can Do About It

27 September 2022
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Asbestos is one of the best-known building materials for some of the worst reasons. Not only is it extremely dangerous to live around, but trying to remove it on your own can cause fiibres to be sprayed into the air, making a bad situation much worse. Many Australians think asbestos is no longer an issue, but that could not be further from the truth. Before you wander around, making renovations to your home without first checking if it has asbestos, here are a few reasons why you should be a little bit more cautious and use professionals to clear your building of this nasty material.
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Do You Take a Passive Approach to Business Cleaning?

9 March 2022
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Many small business owners operate a "tight ship," with a small number of staff members who tend to pitch in to get things done. They may pride themselves on their efficiency and team spirit and feel that they can provide a first-class product or service while keeping costs well in check. Yet, it's not always a good idea to take this approach as it may cause inefficiencies rather than savings. This may be particularly the case when it comes to general cleaning, which has taken on a new dimension in these post-pandemic times.
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Two suggestions to follow after hiring your first house cleaner

27 August 2021
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If you've hired someone to clean your house and you've never used a cleaning service like this before, here are some tips to follow. Wait until the cleaner has assessed your home before shopping for cleaning supplies Most cleaners will do an assessment of a client's home before letting that client know how much time they'll need to do a full clean, what areas might require extra attention, and what cleaning supplies they would recommend.
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Asbestos Removal Tips

7 June 2021
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Does your home contain asbestos? If it does, there are two reasons why you should consider removing the asbestos. First, asbestos contains toxic elements that cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Second, asbestos removal is a return on investment project since most people would not be willing to move into a property that contains asbestos.  So, how do you remove asbestos from your house? Below is a comprehensive guide on asbestos removal.
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Let Window Shoppers Join the Queue and Meet the Cashier

28 July 2019
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Most prospective customers will not become regular customers in your retail business just because your retail store is big. Most of them first consider how clean your business is before they trust your products. Cleanliness is the lungs of your retail business–it can't breathe and thrive without it. Stocking various products in your retail store is one thing, and creating a clean environment that compels them to buy is another thing.
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