Do You Take a Passive Approach to Business Cleaning?

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Do You Take a Passive Approach to Business Cleaning?

Do You Take a Passive Approach to Business Cleaning?

9 March 2022
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Many small business owners operate a "tight ship," with a small number of staff members who tend to pitch in to get things done. They may pride themselves on their efficiency and team spirit and feel that they can provide a first-class product or service while keeping costs well in check. Yet, it's not always a good idea to take this approach as it may cause inefficiencies rather than savings. This may be particularly the case when it comes to general cleaning, which has taken on a new dimension in these post-pandemic times. If you have this type of operation, what approach should you consider instead?

Under Pressure

First of all, think about those employees. You will have taken them on to perform certain specific tasks in line with their levels of expertise. It's unlikely that they are meant to be a "generalist", and any time spent on doing the more mundane tasks will detract from their overall capability. Also, you may be simply adding extra pressure without realising it, and if they are responsible for cleaning at the start or end of every day, they may be more tired than they should be. This could lead to dissatisfaction or even stress-related illness in the long run.


Business cleaning is not simply a task that you can take care of without proper thought. Much attention has been given to cleanliness due to the invisible pandemic enemy, and now is the time to pay even closer attention to detail than ever before.

Outsourcing Benefits

In this case, you should think about bringing in a commercial handyman who will be entirely focused on daily cleaning. As this will be their given task, they'll ensure that they adopt best practices and only use the highest quality cleaning materials. In doing so, they may introduce techniques or products that you may not have thought of or that may have been outside of your general office cleaning budget. They'll pay close attention to those problem areas like bathrooms, toilets, kitchen areas, workstations and handles. In doing so, they'll not only ensure cleanliness but also help reduce your general risk.

Time for a Change 

So, even though you may have been proud of your team spirit approach and your ability to get everything done without outside assistance, now may be the time for a change. Bring in a handyman to take care of cleaning so that your team can focus on what they're good at.

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