Two topics office owners should discuss with cleaners who'll be cleaning their premises' carpets

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Two topics office owners should discuss with cleaners who'll be cleaning their premises' carpets

Two topics office owners should discuss with cleaners who'll be cleaning their premises' carpets

29 June 2023
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Here are two topics office owners should discuss with cleaners they've booked to clean their premises' carpets.

The type of stains that need to be removed and the carpeted areas that require the most intensive cleaning

It's important for office owners in this situation to talk to the cleaners they've booked about the type of stains they need to have removed as well as the carpeted areas that require deep cleaning. The former is important, as different types of carpet stains might need to be treated with different products and tools.

As such, by telling the cleaner that, for example, there are a lot of tea and coffee stains on the carpets by the office canteen and lots of printer ink stains by the printing station, the cleaner will know in advance which cleaning chemicals they'll have to bring with them to treat these stains. Furthermore, if the office owner tells their cleaner about the presence of hard-to-remove carpet stains (ink stains, for example, can be challenging to remove), the cleaner can then adjust their estimate of how long the carpet cleaning will take to account for how much extra time they'll need to deal with these tougher stains.

Additionally, if the cleaner is told by the office owner which carpeted areas of the premises require deep cleaning (because, for example, these are high-traffic areas that get very dirty), they'll then be able to decide if they will need to have one or more of their co-workers tackle this area with them, to ensure it gets cleaned thoroughly enough in the time that's been allotted for this cleaning work.

They should talk about when they'd prefer the carpet cleaning to be done

Office owners in this situation should also talk to the cleaners they've booked about when they'll clean the carpets. If for example, the office is closed on the weekends, and the cleaners will need to steam-clean some of the office's carpeted areas, then the owner might need to have them do this on a Friday evening. This would ensure that the carpets could dry out before the office reopened on Monday and its employees would need to walk across these carpeted areas. This is crucial as, if employees with any dirt or mud on their shoes were to read on the damp, freshly-steamed carpets, this could create stains.

The timing of the carpet cleaning should also be discussed, due to the noise that the cleaner's equipment might make during this process. High-powered vacuums and steam-cleaners can be quite loud and the use of them in an office environment, where employees may need to converse about important work matters and have client meetings, could be disruptive. If an office owner has concerns about this, they may want to have the carpets cleaned before the office opens or after it is closed for the day. 

For more information about carpet cleaning, contact a local company. 

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