How to Master the Art of Cleaning Your Tile Floors

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How to Master the Art of Cleaning Your Tile Floors

How to Master the Art of Cleaning Your Tile Floors

15 June 2018
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Do you find it increasingly difficult to keep up with household chores? Many people live challenging lives and some even have two jobs to hold down while they make ends meet and cope with family budgets. If you've been finding it particularly hard to deal with cleaning and especially in high traffic areas such as the kitchen, how can you develop a better way to deal with it?

Developing a System

One of the biggest challenges will undoubtedly involve the floor. It seems as if everyone drags every last morsel of dirt in from the outside, particularly your four-legged friend. You need to come up with a system if you are going to get on top of this.

Step-By-Step Process

Begin by sweeping every day and try to clean any spills as they happen. Daily sweeping shouldn't take very long, but it may keep the worst of the grime and dirt from accumulating.

Some people think that the vacuum cleaner is only for the carpeted part of their home. Yet you would be amazed how this machine can get "invisible" grit or sand from a tiled floor, as well. You need to make sure that you have the vacuum set to a tiled floor setting if it has one, as otherwise it might simply blow the dirt around instead.

If you're really strapped for time, you may be tempted to get the mop and bucket out before any of the aforementioned steps. If you have any grit or sand on the floor then this will simply move it from one place to another and you will not achieve anything.

The Right Solution

Do you think that if you use the strongest cleaners, this will somehow alleviate work in the future? Bleach and other similar products will tarnish any tiled floor and can erode the grout as well. It's best if you use a much milder solution, mixing some vinegar, dishwashing liquid and water. You may need to buy a nylon brush to help you scrub in hard to reach areas, or even a toothbrush if it is particularly problematic.

Down to the Detail

Grout can easily stain and before you know it that sparkling product you remember following installation may look completely different. This is because unsealed cement can attract liquid which can easily set in place. Once again, don't be tempted to use any abrasive solution, as this may make the matter worse.

Handing It over

If you are at your wit's end and can't make an impact on that dirty grout or tile, call a professional for tile cleaning services to help you put it right.

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