Moving Out? Not So Fast! Conquer Those Tough Stains On Your Window Panes

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Moving Out? Not So Fast! Conquer Those Tough Stains On Your Window Panes

Moving Out? Not So Fast! Conquer Those Tough Stains On Your Window Panes

25 August 2016
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The windows are the eyes to the soul of your home, and a bright sparkling clean window pane is worth a second glance. It is the windows that attract your visitors and set a good mood. An end of lease cleaning is a show of good will, and will leave a good reputation with your landlord. So don't pack up yet; buckle up, grab your cleaning kit and get your hands dirty.

Assemble your cleaning kit

Cleaning window stains--bird poop, grease, dust and fingerprints, among others--can be downright frustrating and tiresome, as some stain removers are not suitable for all types of stains, leaving certain areas still stained. Include in your toolkit; a spray can, soft brush, vinegar solution, and some paper towels. A ladder should help you reach the upper story if you have one. An ample supply of warm water will come in handy to wash off the stubborn stains. Consider using the following to get rid of different stains:

•    Ammonia

It works great on glass, and what's more, it is best on the toughest of all stains, grease! The vapor will leave your window panes gleaming under the sun. Just dilute one cup of ammonia with two cups of warm water and proceed to clean. Consider using cleaning gloves when handling ammonia, as it is an abrasive.

•    Starch

Use a sponge to dab a mixture of starch and hot water and allow it to dry. Soak some old newspapers with vinegar and rub on the glass to remove the starch.

Establish a cleaning direction

Your house probably has three or more windows. Decide a pattern or course of cleaning before you start and engage your whole family for a fun bonding activity. Assign roles, such that some are helping with scrubbing and wiping off the window panes while others are finishing off, wiping them clean. An outside-in direction is best, as the dirt that gets in through the window can be cleaned easily from the inside. Where there is a top story, clean starting with the top story, and finish off with the ground floor.

Make your easy-to-clean solution

Commercial detergents may end up leaving behind some waxy residue, resulting in streaks and fogging on windows. Since you need them sparkling, making a mild solution is just a few easy steps away. All you need is ½ cup of white vinegar, ¼ teaspoon of mild dish detergent and warm water. Mix these in your spray can and scrub your windows gently.

Cleaning tips

Using a microfiber cloth leaves the pane looking cleaner than using an ordinary material. For areas that are far from reach using the regular brush such as the window glass tracks, improvise using some chopsticks wrapped in some paper towels and clean thoroughly through the tiny crevices. An old toothbrush you no longer use can also come in handy to scrub in between the hinges of the pane. Getting different perspectives of the glass while cleaning will ensure you leave your window panes spotless and looking almost as new as when you first moved in.

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