10 Easy Ways to Make Your House Shine Before It Goes on the Market

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10 Easy Ways to Make Your House Shine Before It Goes on the Market

10 Easy Ways to Make Your House Shine Before It Goes on the Market

23 May 2016
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When it comes to selling your home or property, first impressions count! The look and feel of your space can make a huge impact on prospective buyers and making your home shine needn't be expensive or tiresome. Check out these tips on how to spruce up your pad before it goes on the market:

1. Ensure it's got lots of light

Brightly lit homes with plenty of natural light are usually much more appealing than dim, dark homes. So, maximise the light in your space as much as you can - get rid of or replace 'darkening' curtains or blinds, trim bushes outside the windows, clean the windows, and increase the brightness of your artificial lighting where you can (e.g. invest in fluorescent light bulbs, change your lamp shades).

If you have the funds, installing a skylight can make a big difference, too.

2. Fix those little gripes

Loose door handles, chips on the walls, unsightly holes, and even mildly-leaking taps might all seem insignificant, but they can all detract from the overall impression of your house.

Aim to get those little touch-ups done well before you clean and decorate, either by DIY-ing or hiring a handyman. The better condition your home is in, the more interested buyers will likely be.

3. Make the Kitchen Spectacular

The kitchen is considered to be one of the most important rooms in any home, and older or worn kitchens that need work might end up deterring buyers.

You can give your kitchen a lift by investing in new (but not overly expensive) appliances, repainting or replacing the cabinets and handles, updating the splashback, redoing the benchtops, or improving the lighting and decor.

4. Make the bathroom spectacular, too

The bathroom is another key area to pay close attention to when selling your property. Making the bathroom shine can be as easy as replacing the toilet seat, sink/vanity and mirror, getting the grout redone, enhancing lighting, and even repainting.

Those with a bigger budget can consider moves like re-tiling or replacing the shower/bath as well.

5. Emphasise storage space

Storage spaces - like cupboards, wardrobes, shelves, drawers - will likely seem less appealing and spacious if they're full to the brim with your possessions. Instead, emphasise the amount of storage you have by emptying out most of your clothes and items, leaving just a few to show how much space there really is.

Make sure your storage spaces are neat and tidy, too; disorganisation and clutter can make the home feel less inviting.

6. Consider a Paint Job

If your walls are scuffed and marked to a significant degree, a paint job can be a fantastic solution. Painting gives your home a fresh, new look and feel, and it can also be a great opportunity to change or improve your home's colour scheme or brighten the space by going for white or neutral hues.

Is the outside of your home looking a little worse for wear? Consider a paint job here too - it's an excellent chance to give your entire home a fresh look or perhaps even reinvent your overall style or colour scheme.

7. Manicure the Yards

A beautiful home should have a beautiful yard, both out the front and around the back. If either of your yards are less-than-attractive, a manicure job may be in order. Bright, boldly-coloured flowers can help create a wonderful backyard impression, as can keeping the grass short, and neatly pruning trees and other shrubs/plants.

If you have any water features, ensure these are clean and free of algae and other debris. Mulch and other soil coverings (e.g. pebbles, wood chips) can also help create a finished, streamlined look in the yard. And if your fence is old or stained, replacing it can be a great move as well. Once all that's done, make sure there's no clutter lying about and invest in some yard furniture as well. Even a simple garden bench can make the space seem more inviting and relaxing.

8. Decorate! Get your decorating hat on! Clean and tidy homes can dazzle when a few decorations are brought into the mix. Consider things like fresh flowers and plants, candles (these work well in the bathroom), decorate bowls and plates on tables and shelves, pillows, cushions and throws in the lounge room and bedroom, and wall decorations (artworks, mirrors) to fill in any blank space.

9. Get it professionally cleaned

Professional cleaning services can have your home sparkling in as little as a few hours, and finding one early on means you won't have to scramble at the last minute when the house is nearly ready to go. If there's anything major that needs cleaning (e.g. carpet stains, rust on the stove, very dirty windows) make sure you bring this up when asking for a quote. Don't forget to ask for a list of exactly what will be cleaned and how (e.g. walls wiped down, bathroom tiles cleaned, etc.) as well, so that there won't be any disputes or discrepancies after the job is done. For more information, contact a cleaning service like Launceston Cleaning Services.

10. Spruce up your front entrance way

Your home's front entrance will be the first thing potential buyers see when they arrive at your home, so make it as delightful and alluring as you can.

Plants, shrubs and flowers can be brilliant assets here, as can a dedicated (and neatly manicured) pathway that leads to the front door or porch. And don't forget that a new welcome mat can also be a great touch! 

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