Effective Management of Your Rubbish before the Collection Day

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Effective Management of Your Rubbish before the Collection Day

Effective Management of Your Rubbish before the Collection Day

19 May 2016
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Management of your rubbish before collection day is very important. If you are not careful, your rubbish bin will start smelling and attracting flies and other insects, which can create an unhygienic environment. For this reason, use the following ways to handle your rubbish effectively before and on the collection day.

Double Wrap Your Food Waste 

Food wastes such as bones and meat, and other waste products such as disposable nappies and unwanted pet food should be double wrapped before being disposed of. In addition, make sure that the wrapping bag doesn't have any holes in it so that air doesn't get in and smells don't get out.

Alternatively, you can keep prawn shells, and leftover meat in the freezer until the rubbish collection day.

Rinse All Food Packaging That You Can't Recycle Before You Dispose

Rinse things such as yoghurt containers and polystyrene food trays to minimise the smell of refuse inside your rubbish bin. Alternatively, seal food scraps in containers that have well-fitting lids before you throw them into your rubbish bin.

Keep the Lids of Your Rubbish Bins Tightly Closed

This simple trick will prevent the flies and other insects or pests from finding their way inside and laying eggs.

Handling Your Rubbish Bin When Taking Out the Trash

On the collection day, you may find that maggots found their way in your rubbish. This could be the case if unfortunately you neglected some of the above tips. This is because flies would be attracted to the bin because of the smell. Maggots are actually larvae from flies. Therefore, since flies lay their eggs very fast and too many of them as well, it may not be long until you find a lot of maggots in your bin. Fortunately, you can still ensure a hygienic environment around the rubbish areas with the following tips.

Use Boiling Water

This is a simple and effective way of killing the maggots. In addition, it works instantly. When removing the rubbish bag, you can sprinkle boiled water in a kettle inside the bin. Apart from getting rid of the maggots, it will help clean out your bin. Remember to keep the bin in the sun to dry because maggots love moist places, so leaving your bin wet can invite them back.

Use Pesticide

Spray pesticide solutions in the rubbish bin. Pesticides containing chemicals such as permethrin usually work well against maggots but your retailer can advise you on the best option to go for as well.

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