Residential Pressure Cleaning: Factors Influencing the Equipment Efficiency

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Residential Pressure Cleaning: Factors Influencing the Equipment Efficiency

Residential Pressure Cleaning: Factors Influencing the Equipment Efficiency

10 May 2016
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Pressure washing equipment is ideal for performing cleaning tasks on external surfaces in residential property. You should consider acquiring this type of machine when handling pavements, driveways, the patio area and even the home's external walls. The pressure of the water will aid in the removal of stubborn stains and ensure that the work is performed quickly. Unfortunately, the efficiency of pressure cleaning can vary, and this will affect the cleanliness of surfaces and project time. Here are the primary factors that you should consider before starting the project to ensure maximum efficiency is attained.

Pressure and Flow Rate

The pressure and the water flow rate are the most critical factors in determining the cleaning power of pressure washing machinery. Therefore, if you are interested in exceptional efficiency, you should consider these aspects before choosing your pressure washer. The pressure refers to the force at which the water will hit the pertinent surface during the cleaning process. Higher water pressure means increased cleaning and scrubbing efficiency. However, this aspect must be complemented by good flow rate. This is the volume of water flowing out of the equipment per unit time. More water allows for better cleaning because the force of impact with the surface will be high even at low operating pressure.


The results of your pressure washing activity will be affected by your usage of cleaning agents or lack thereof. In some cases, clean water can suffice, particularly when you are eliminating layers of physical dust or debris from surfaces. On the other hand, detergents will be critical if you plan on removing stains and residues that are not only entirely physical in nature. For example, sticky residues and oily blots cannot be washed with only water. If this is your situation, you should select equipment that allows application of the agent directly from the nozzle. It is always prudent to leave the detergent on the wall for a while to allow the material to be dissolved before rinsing for the best outcome.

Operator Efficiency

Finally, the cleaning efficiency during pressure washing will be directly influenced by the operator of the equipment. Therefore, you should consider engaging a professional cleaning service for the pertinent tasks instead of acquiring the machine for home use. On the other hand, if you decide to perform the tasks without professional assistance, you should always practice on an inconspicuous spot before starting the actual work. This will prevent damage of your walls and other surfaces by the inexperienced application of high-pressure water.

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